The Helipuller™ Story in Video

October 23, 2022 update: you watch and listen on the PulR™ YouTube Channel, the story of how the Helipuller™ came into being from the original PulR™ development.

The Helipuller™ Story now in Video

PulR Technologies inc. stands behind the patent pending PulR™ and Helipuller™ tools , which is a new concept defined as a Cable Pulling Adapter. PulR™ is an acronym for Pressure Untheterable Line Retractor. These tools are quickly becoming the preferred alternative to the use of pushing tubes and pulling socks for installing Pre-Terminated Cables, Pre-Connectorized drops and long Patch Cables as well as an alternative to the use of electrical tape for pulling on unterminated cables. PulR™ enables the most cost effective, fastest and easiest pre-connectorized and unterminated cable installations.

Pre-Terminated cables are telecommunications cables that have factory-installed connectors on one end or both ends, such as to avoid fusion or mechanical splicing connectors in the field after the cable pull is completed. Connectors can be SC, LC, MTP, SN, etc.

PulR technologies inc. was set-up with the simple vision of solving the shortcomings of all prior methods for installing Pre-Terminated cables. PulR technologies inc. has developed PulR™, a solution that is cost effective enough to pay for itself on a single day’s worth of installations.

With the development of the HelicalGrip™, enabling a grip force at least 3x greater than the longitudinal original PulR™ grip, that vision quickly evolved to making it possible to pull on unterminated cables of all kinds Easy and Fast!

We designed PulR™ tools including the Helipuller™ to be very affordable. They are made out of recyclable plastic and are injection moldable, ensuring both affordability and mass production.

PulR has now over 20 products, including the first tools in the world for fiber and twisted pair enabling cascade pulling as well as the in the world that make it possible to pull on multiple (up to 6) fiber optic cables by the sheath and aramid at the same time, enabling fast drop and continue installations.

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