Silver Award given to PulR Technologies at BICSI Fall 2022

Trois-Rivieres, QC, October 7, 2022,

Cabling Innovators Silver Award given to PulR Technologies during BICSI Fall 2022 on September 27, 2022

We’re pleased to show off our Cabling Innovators Silver Award, which is an industry recognition by a panel of four judges for a marked improvement to the art of cable pulling. The award was covered today by CI&M in the following article:

The award was given to PulR for its 1st generation of PulR tools based on the patent pending longitudinal re-entrant cable grip which was invented in the spring of 2022. In the summer of 2022, we since have invented the HelicalGrip™, which has increased the grip force by 3X and launched at BICSI Fall 2022 in late September 2022, our Helipuller™ series of tools, which are now commercially available. Go get your free sample on PulR’s online store at

For great details on our BICSI Fall 2022 product launch of the Helipuller™ series of tools, we direct you to the following article of CI&M:

The above article contains the following citation from the chief editor of CI&M:

Since the time we evaluated Pul-R as a participant in our Cabling Innovators Awards program, its developer Francois Menard has continued to innovate, developing products for a number of cable types based on the HelicalGrip technology. We believe cable installers, project specifiers, and cable-plant owners all can benefit from understanding the tool’s value proposition. We’re grateful Pul-R participated in our 2022 Cabling Innovators Awards program, and are optimistic this is just the beginning for Pul-R.”

— Patrick McLaughlin, Chief Editor, Cabling Installation & Maintenance 

Several new videos demonstrating how Helipuller™ tools work are now online on the PulR Technologies Youtube channel. as=subscrib?sub confirmation=1

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