AnyTwistedPair Kit Now Available at $99 MSRP

This Helipuller™ Any Twisted Pair Kit now available at an MSRP of 99$ for ordering on includes four different Helipullers™. You may request it through your distributor for a discounted price. If you find any twisted pair cable that you can’t pull with the AnyTwistedPair kit, tell us and we’ll upgrade your kit at our own expense.

The first two Helipullers™ are for pulling on twisted pair cables with RJ45 connectors, either field terminated or pre-terminated, without damaging the RJ-45 connector.  

  • Helipuller Number One is the Helipuller-RJ45-6mm cables (Cat6)
  • Helipuller Number Two is the Helipuller-RJ45-8.9 mm (e.g. Cat6a or solid copper Cat6 with an RJ-45 connector).
    • The connector cavity in the Helipuller-RJ-45 can accommodate field-terminated RJ-45 as well as injection molded boots or even very long Traceable boots (with led lights). The kit also includes two additional Helipullers, for pulling on unterminated twisted pair, of either 6 mm Cat6 or 8.9 mm Cat6a.

The second two Helipullers™ are for pulling on bare cables, whether they are twisted pair or not

Two pulling sticks are also included (note: you may want to get many sticks for complex installations). 

All Helipullers™ are  terminated by a removable male M5x0.8 mm threaded end, which allows easy attachment to a cascade of pulling sticks  (two are included for free in the kit) and to other optional Helipuller™ heads (threaded ends matching other well known pulling rod vendors, pulling eye, mule tape, & round flexible fish & flat metal fish).  If you need any of the above optional heads, please reach out.  The kit is available also in US variants with 8-32 threaded ends compatible with Klein or GRISK-LSDI-Creepzit pulling rods as well as UK variant compatible with SuperRODs. Send us a note if you want these variants.

GTIN: 628942144479

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