HexaHelipuller™ for Aramid Attach

With this patent pending and unique tool, you can pull on fiber optic cables with confidence to perform drop and continue installations in MDU (multi dwelling units, through a riser for instance) or commercial settings (down a hall with multiple rooms). The tool enables up to 6 cables of either 4.8 mm or 2.9 mm to be attached in the longitudinal re-entrant PulR™ grips, then stripped to the aramid. Afterwards, the aramid of all cables is twisted together and wound into the common HelicalGrip™. With a simple anti-slip knot at the head, which you can remove at destination, you can drop a cable and carry on pulling the remainder of cables to the remaining destinations. The HexaHelipuller™ is very compact and will allow for very sharp bend radiuses and use small conduits, especially the one for up to six 2.9 mm cables, which has a very small outer diameter.


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