Helipuller™ 4.8 mm SC Rugged

We’ve upgraded our SC Rugged with our HelicalGrip™ and its now a Helipuller™. It will not only pull 4.8 mm diameter pre-terminated FTTx cables with an optimal grip, but also 3 mm and 2 mm with a pretty good grip, so its now a universal device, which will work across SC with and without outer body and LC pre-terminated cables. For as long as one is happy with a half-inch hole, there is no reason to ask for his little slim brother, which will work in 3/8” holes or inner diameter conduits, providing the SC outer body is removed and put back. The Helipuller™ 4.8 mm SC Rugged is terminated on an M5x0.8 mm threaded hole which allows inserting PulR™ pulling sticks in cascade, but also one of many different attachments, magnetized heads, rope eye, fish tape adapters, etc. The Helipuller™ 4.8 mm SC Rugged is also available with 8-32mm and 1/4 UNC threaded ends for other pulling stick vendors.


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