Helipuller™ Inline for FTTx MDU Fiber Optic Cables

The Helipuller™ Inline for MDU Fiber Optic cables is available in two models. The first model has 2 HelicalGrip™ grooves for 2.9 mm Fiber Optic Cables. The second model has 4 HelicalGrip™ grooves, a pair at 2.9 mm and another pair at 4.8 mm. The reason for the 4 grooves is not to pull on 4 cables, but rather use the other set of grooves than the diameter of the cable you use, to locally attach the added cable not only by the sheath, but also by the aramid yarn. With the Inline series of Helipullers™ makes it possible to assemble cascaded configurations, either centralized or distributed, which means that one can pull on n cables with n-1 copies of the tool in a daisy chain. We internally have code named this product ‘Super Human’ because enables adding a common pull rope to the cascade of HeliPullers™ makes it possible to pull on a bundle of cables as if one had as many hands as cables in the bundle. For more information, send an email to info@pulr.tech, visit our website at www.pulr.tech or purchase the product through our readytopull.com online store.


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