Helipuller™ Inline for 6 mm Cables

This Helipuller™ Inline is generic to any cable between 3 and 6 mm. It’ll pull optimally on 6 mm CatX, as that’s what it as designed for. However, it’ll also pull pretty much any cable you throw at it (for as long as the diameter is under 6mm). It features two HelicalGrip™ grooves of 6 mm, enabling cascaded pulling configurations, either centralized or distributed. It also features a third secretive smaller diameter HelicalGrip™ groove for a common pull rope. With the Inline series of Helipullers™ makes it possible to assemble cascaded configurations, either centralized or distributed, which means that one can pull on n cables with n-1 copies of the tool in a daisy chain. We internally have code named this product ‘Super Human’ because enables adding a common pull rope to the cascade of HeliPullers™ to make it possible to pull on a bundle of cables as if one had as many hands as cables in the bundle. Check our video demonstration below on how to assemble a six Cat6 cable centralized cascade and how it is slim enough to pull through a 3/4” conduit. Also please consult the PDF data sheet below the video.


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