Helipuller™ for 1.2 mm fiber optic LC jumpers

With this patent pending and unique tool, you can pull on 1.2 mm simplex fiber optic LC jumpers (or SC without outer body) without risks of damaging the connectors as you route them inside a high-density fiber frame. The HelicalGrip™ secures the 1.2 mm diameter sheath within its minimum bend radius of the G.657 optical fiber, providing good grip without altering the optical performance of the fiber optic jumper. The Helipuller™ head protects the LC connector (or SC without outer body) from any dust, debris or sticky or oily residue which may arise from hand manipulation or use of electrical vinyl tape. The Helipuller™ attaches with its M5x0.8mm threaded head to one or many PulR™ pulling sticks for convenient jumper routing. The data sheet is not available yet, so since it is very close to the Helipuller 4.8 mm SC Slim, we refer to it for the moment. It just has a smaller diameter tail.


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