Helipuller™ 4.8 mm SC Slim

We’ve upgraded our SC Rugged with our HelicalGrip™ and its now a Helipuller™. It will not only pull 4.8 mm diameter pre-terminated FTTx cables with an optimal grip, but also 3 mm and 2 mm with a pretty good grip, so its now a universal device, which will work across SC having its outer body removed and LC pre-terminated cables. Upon the outer body removed, its possible to pull SC into a 3/8” hole or inner diameter conduits. Push the outer body out by pushing hard against the SC outer body, against the dust cap perpendicular to a flat surface (table) and it will pop out. To put it back, place the guiding pin up, the finger recesses facing back and look for the chamfered side of the inner body and place it upwards, aligned with the guiding pin on the outer body. Slide it back. You’re done. You now know how to pull SC pre-terminated in the smallest possible holes or conduits. The Helipuller™ 4.8 SC Slim is terminated on an M5x0.8 mm threaded hole which allows inserting PulR™ pulling sticks in cascade, but also one of many different attachments, magnetized heads, rope eye, fish tape adapters, etc. The Helipuller™ 4.8 mm SC Slim is also available with 8-32mm and 1/4 UNC threaded ends for other pulling stick vendors.


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