Helipuller™ 4.8 mm SC Slim Rugged

SC APC Connector being inserted in the Helipuller™ SC Slim Rugged

The Helipuller™ 4.8 mm SC Slim Rugged will pull a 4.8 mm diameter pre-terminated FTTx cables in a half-inch diameter hole or conduit. Its walls are 1mm thicker than its Slim counterpart which makes it more suitable when using compressive force against it (as a push stick). It is designed to work with a half-inch hole or conduit and to have ample slack inside of it (10.8 mm outer diameter). The Slim Rugged will go through a 4-inch bend radius in a half-inch pipe with ease. It will grab onto the sheath of a 4.8 mm FTTH pre-terminated cable without damaging it and while protecting the SC connector having its outer body pre-removed. The Helipuller™ 4.8 mm SC Slim Rugged is terminated on a #8-32 mm threaded end which makes it compatible with the most popular US standard pulling sticks from Klein, Jonard, GRISK LSDI CreepZit, and also allow for many different attachments, magnetized heads, rope eye, fish tape adapters, PULR™ back-to-back, etc. The Helipuller™ 4.8 mm SC Slim Rugged is also available with M4x0.7 mm, M5x0.8mm and 1/4 UNC threaded ends for other pulling stick vendors.


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