Come and see us at BICSI Fall 2022

PulR Technologies inc. will be exhibiting at BICSI Fall 2022 in Las-Vegas in Booth 531 from September 26-28 2022.

PulR Technologies will be exhibiting in Booth 531

At the show, the 2nd generation of PulR™ Cable Pulling Adapters (CPA’s), which provide 3x the pulling grip, will be unveiled.

The following 2nd generation PulR™ CPA models will be exhibited – for the following cable diameters (Ø):

  • Slim PulR™ CPA for optical fiber SC pre-terminated 4.8 mm Ø without the outer body
  • Rugged PulR™ CPA for optical fiber SC pre-terminated 4.8 mm Ø with the outer body
  • Inline PulR™ CPA, for 14/10 mm Ø micro-conduit, for 4.8 mm Ø  unterminated or pre-terminated self-bend limiting optical fiber cables – without the SC outer body.
  • Inline PulR™ CPA, for 14/10 mm Ø micro-conduit, for 6 mm Ø Category 6 UTP cables
  • UTP PulR™ CPA for 6 mm Ø Category 6 UTP pre-terminated cables with the RJ-45 connector present
  • UTP Hexa PulR™ CPA for pulling on up to 6 Category 6 UTP cables at the same time
  • PulR™ Installer’s kit – which bundles four foot long M5Ø threaded pulling sticks sections, a rope pulling eye, and a customized choice of PulR™ CPA’s in a convenient lightweight transport case.

About PulR Technologies inc.

PulR Technologies Inc. is a manufacturer of a complete line of cable pulling adapters, CPA’s, which allow attachment of a pulling eye or pulling stick to a cable. Different from cable socks and wire mesh cable grips, PulR™ CPA’s are designed to espouse the cable outer diameter to provide maximum grip in the smallest length, yet take seconds to install and remove. They are based on a re-entrant cable groove, which makes it possible to avoid using any electrical tape. Since electrical tape is usually not recycled after being used, PulR™ makes it possible to avoid its use entirely. Various models of PulR™ CPA’s cover pulling on optical fiber and twisted pair unterminated cables as well as the same cables pre-terminated with connectors, both optical fiber with SC connectors and twisted-pair with RJ-45.

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Pressure Un/Tethering Line Retractors (PulR’s) are covered by multiple international patent applications.

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